The Localized preparedness and response to primary and secondary impacts of COVID-19 on IDPs, Returnees and vulnerable populations in hard to reach areas of Nigeria and Afghanistan (C19 NALPER) was a 5 month project implemented in 16 communities spread across 4 Local Government Areas (LGAs) namely: Makarfi, Kajuru, Kachia and Kaura LGAs of Kaduna State. During implementation, 25,020 persons were directly reached and over 7.5 million persons were indirectly reached through radio jingles on Invicta and Liberty FM. Capacities of community members and health workers were improved to effectively identify and refer COVID 19 related cases in line with government protocols and sustain access to essential health and other safeguarding services to vulnerable groups through series of trainings. Other training onGBV and Psychosocial Support, Conflict Sensitivity, Borehole Maintenance, Positive Masculinity, Early Warning and Early Response built the capacities of community members to take preventive measures and cushion the impact of natural and other disasters.

Some of the achievements recorded are:

  • Community members’ knowledge on COVID 19 Protocols, GBV, Sustainable hygiene and Sanitation increased and different committees established.
  • The basic food needs and livelihood of 598 Households improved as they received the sum of N88, 000 each.
  • Hygiene of 1,316 NFI beneficiaries improved.
  • Community members now keep their environment clean and have designated waste disposal point.
  • Community members now have a voice and are challenging some negative cultural practices that promote GBV.
  • The high risk of contracting COVID 19 reduced as 41 worship centres, 14 palaces, 17 markets and 19 health facilities were fumigated across 16 C19 focal communities.
  • 5,200 Households now have access to safe water as 48 water points were rehabilitated and 4 new water points constructed.