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Improving Inclusive And Participatory Governance Systems In Kaduna And Anambra State

Project Background

Improving Inclusive And Participatory Governance Systems In Kaduna And Anambra State is a governance project that seeks to strengthened democratic processes, support community groups towards engaging with government systems for improved service delivery as well as inclusion of marginalized groups in governance processes. It supported communities in Kaduna and Anambra state to participate in governance systems through active citizen participation in electoral processes at all levels. The project works in local communities to increase voter literacy and reduce voter apathy, amplify the voice of the marginalised and improve duty bearer’s responsiveness to community needs. The project focused on capacity strengthening, targeted advocacy and behavioural change communication approaches Kaduna and Anambra state. With focus on the 2023 general elections, we work to ensure that citizens exercise their rights to responsive governments.

Duration, Objective and Target Locations

The project lasted for a period of 12months (April 2022-March 2023) in Anambra State and 10 months (June 2022-March 2023) in Kaduna State

  • To mobilise citizens through community groups to actively participate & influence in policy formulation, implementation and evaluation.
  • To promote the inclusion, participation and representation of women, PWDs, youths, vulnerable & marginalised groups in Governance process
  • To Increase citizen’s participation in the electoral process.

OUTCOME 1: Increased Participation in decision making processes for women, PWD…

  • 1,070 persons were supported to register and obtained their PVCs and have also voted in 8 communities of Kaura and Jaba LGAs of Kaduna State through LANW’s engagement with INEC and the support received by targeted communities. 
  • Community Women Leaders has become agents of change and pushed for women inclusion in decision making processes. This was evident in Zangang community in Kaura LG where for the first time a woman is appointed into the traditional counsel.
  • Citizens took ownership of projects in Jaba and Kaura LGA Governance Vanguards from across wards of Jaba and Kaura LGAs, came together to conduct a joint voter sensitization at the LG headquarters and in the various wards they represent, having an understanding of the value of collaborative action. Over six thousand (6,0000) persons were indirectly reached.
  • Contributed to increased knowledge on the electoral law and use of Bi-modal Verification and Accreditation System (B-VAS) .
  • LANW received commitments and support of all traditional leaders at all levels who made themselves available at meetings and helped in the mobilization of people at the various constituencies.
  • Furthermore, the project enjoyed the support of the security agencies (DSS and Police) during the Get out the Vote campaign as they provided security from the beginning to the end of the exercise to ensure that everything went smoothly

OUTCOME 2: Improved effectiveness of duty bearers to address priorities of key target groups

  • Governance Vanguards in Agban ward in Kukum District of Kaura LGA advocated to SUBEB for the completion of their primary school project that had been abandoned for years. This was done with a written evidence regarding the contract. SUBEB has since responded by sending a team of inspectors to inspect the project the state of implementation.
  • The feedback from community score card tracker received the commitment and a commendation letter from the Executive Chairman Kaura LGA, for a job well done on tracking the LGA services using the community scorecards. He was highly delighted with the effort put into the process and committed to address the issues raised in the scorecards
  • LANW supported the dialogue that resulted in the Ministries of Health and Education committing to review their record books/registers in schools and health facilities to include columns to capture PWDs, this was in response to advocacy facilitated by Kaduna State Basic education and Accountability Mechanism (KADBEAM), Kaduna Contributory Health Management Authority (KADCHMA) and other CSOs on the non-intentional lack of capture of PWDs in PHC and primary and secondary school records.
  • To ensure that there is credible evidence on the basis of which to evaluate, assess and report on the credibility of the Gubernatorial and State House of Assembly election in Kaduna State, LANW trained and deployed 86 observers in 42 wards in Jaba,  Jema’a, Kaura and Zangon Kataf LGA, set up a situation room that centrally collate, review and analyse reports, and shared the report via a press release to make the information available to the public. 

OUTCOME 3: Improved access to basic services for project target groups

  • As a result of the engagement carried out by Governance Vanguards in Jaba LGA, with the LG Health Department using their community scorecards tracker, more women now access their Health facility for their antenatal care and services in Fogai Health post due to the respond they received from the LG inform of antenatal drugs, supplement and equipment.

Other Interventions

The Nigeria and Afghanistan Localized Preparedness and Response (C19 NALPER) intervention aimed at mitigating primary and secondary impacts of COVID-19 on IDPs, Returnees and vulnerable populations in hard-to-reach areas was a 5-months (May – October, 2020) project that adopted the following approaches:

Baseline /Stakeholder engagement: LANW worked with the CA team and field enumerators in the conduct of baseline assessment to determine the target beneficiaries from the 12 identified communities and two IDP camps situated in Mercy Camp Zonkwa and ECWA Widows School, Samaru Kataf. 

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