Legal Awareness For Nigeria Women (LANW)

Projecting The Voice To The People (V2p) To Government For Improved Service Delivery

Project Background

Christian Aid supported LANW to pilot its Voice to the People project in Kaduna State in 2016.  The V2P Project focused on mobilising, sensitizing and equipping Communities to engage Local and State actors demanding for their Rights, participating in budget oversight and monitoring service delivery. The Project was able to establish that citizen’s participation in the budget system process using the Community Charter of Demand promotes the quality of decisions and provide an essential reality check for its implementation. Under this project, trained observers were able to provide situation reports on the conduct of May 2018 LGA elections with SEICOM responding to issues raised on challenges during the voting. 

V2P has made some tremendous impact in Kaduna State especially in the lives of the community members where the intervention was held creating awareness on the respective roles of citizens and government institutions in governance, rights protection. Their increased enlightenment has also given the marginalised, space and voice, reorienting communities towards volunteerism, collective mobilisation and Inclusion for development. There has been an increased responsiveness among duty bearers where duty bearers have rehabilitated and implemented projects in the focal communities as a result of the series of spot checks, advocacies and follow-ups by the community members.

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